Superintendent of Schools

I have been a lifelong educator. Prior to my appointment, I served as a principal with the Bridgeton Board of Education, a member of the Washington Board of Education, and also as a Trustee of the Margaret E. Heggan Library in Washington Township. I will continue to hone my instructional skills by serving as a professor with Rowan University.

I am proud to serve as the Superintendent of the Paulsboro Public Schools. It is my goal to increase and expand upon the rich and abundant Paulsboro Pride that I’ve witnessed throughout the school community. My goal is to assist the school community in delivering a great educational opportunity for all of our students.

This year will continue to be one of our most challenging school years. The need for cooperation, flexibility, collaboration, and empathy will be the character traits that will define our destiny and how we operate as a school district. I truly believe that the Paulsboro School Community is ready and willing to take the necessary steps so that we can continue to be a successful school community.

I want the entire school community to know that as the Paulsboro School District Superintendent, I am here to serve, and support you, so that we will all succeed!


Dr. Roy J. Dawson, III
Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent's Secretary:

Deborah Kappra at (856) 423-5515 ext. 1218


Thank you for your continued support of our District! GO BIG RED!!" 


District Professional Development Plan

Dr. Dawson