Business Office

The Business Department is located in the Paulsboro Public Schools' Administration Building:

662 N. Delaware Street
Paulsboro, NJ 08066 
Phone: 856-423-5515 
Fax: 856-423-4602  

Department Staff: 

Ms. Jessica Knight - Business Administrator Secretary Ext. 1245 

Mrs. Kimberly Capie -  Payroll/Human Resources Ext. 1219

Mrs. Jenny O'Malley - Purchasing/Accounts Payable Ext. 1258 

Ms. Adina Giovannitti - Transportation Ext. 2271

William Thompson
Mr. Douglas McGarry - Business Administrator/Board Secretary Ext. 1234 


State statute, N.J.S.A. 18A:39-1, states:

Whenever in any district there are  elementary school pupils  who live more than two miles from their public school of attendance and or secondary school pupils) who live more than two-and-a-half miles from their public school of attendance, the district shall provide transportation to and from school for these pupils. 

Since the distance from any home in Paulsboro to the school of attendance does not exceed these distances, Paulsboro is not required to transport most students to school. 

The following are the only exceptions, and the district may provide transportation to and from school:

- Students that have a transportation requirement in his/her Individual Education Program (IEP),
- Students attending an out-of-district Interdistrict Public School Choice school, and
- Students deemed homeless by the district’s Homeless Liaison and/or those involved with the Division of Child Protection & Permanency, living outside of the Town.

Contact the Ms. Giovannitti at 856-423-2222 ext. 2271 for any transportation needs/questions