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Billingsport Early Learning Center Curriculum

PreK Technology

PreK- Sixth World Languages

PreK-Second Physical Education

K-2 Technology

Kindergarten Keyboarding

Kindergarten Language Arts

Kindergarten Math

Kindergarten Science

Kindergarten Technology

First Grade Keyboarding

First Grade Language Arts

First Grade Math

First Grade Science

First Grade Social Studies

Second Grade Keyboarding

Second Grade Language Arts

Second Grade Math

Second Grade Science

Second Grade Social Studies

Second Grade Technology

Elementary Music


Loudenslager Elementary School

PreK- Sixth World Languages

Third Grade Language Arts

Third Grade Math

Third Grade Science

Third Grade Social Studies

Third Grade Technology

Third-Fifth Grade Health

Third-Fifth Physical Education

Fourth Grade Social Studies

Fourth Grade Science

Fourth Grade Math

Fourth Grade Language Arts

Fifth Grade Social Studies

Fifth Grade Science

Fifth Grade Math

Fifth Grade Language Arts

Sixth Grade Language Arts

Sixth Grade Math

Sixth Grade Science

Sixth Grade Social Studies

Sixth-Eighth Grade Health

Sixth-Eighth Grade Physical Education

Elementary Music

Sixth-Twelfth Grade World Languages


Paulsboro Junior High

Sixth-Eighth Grade Health

Sixth-Eighth Grade Physical Education

Seventh Grade Geography

Seventh Grade Language Arts

Seventh Grade Math

Seventh Grade Science

Eighth Grade Civics

Eighth Grade Language Arts

Eighth Grade Math

Eighth Grade Science

Sixth-Twelfth Grade World Languages

Junior Band

Junior Choir


Paulsboro High School

  • Culinary and Industrial Arts:

Construction Tech

Industrial Tech

Residential Construction

Wood Tech I-IV

Culinary Arts

  • Business

Accounting I

Business Law

Desktop Publishing

Freshman Seminar

Sports Entertainment Marketing


  • Fine and Practical Arts

Art 1

Art 2

Art 3

Art 4

Gifted and Talented Art

Theater Arts

Concert Choir

Music Technology

Music Theory

Senior Band

  • English

English I

CP English I

Honors English I

English II

CP English II

Honors English II

CP English III

CP English IV

Exploring Poetry

Literature and Humanities

Public Speaking


  • Math

Algebra I

Algebra IA

Algebra IB

Algebra II


AP Calculus




  • Physical Education and Health

Ninth-Twelfth Physical Education and Health

  • Science


Science Seminar

General Science

Physical Science

General Biology

CP Biology

Honors Biology

AP Biology

General Chemistry

CP Chemistry

Honors Chemistry

Earth Science

Environmental Science

  • History


Practical Law and Local History Research

US History I

Honor US History I

US History II

Honors US History II


World History

Honors World History

  • World Languages

Sixth-Twelfth Grade World Languages

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